How to: Make Chinotto

The most popular post on the blog by a long way is the one about Homemade Chinotto. And the one comment I get the most is requesting the recipe.

Rather than emailing individually, here is the recipe. Feel free to adapt as you like. It took us a few batches to get the right balance of herbs and sweetness  and the ageing makes quite a difference too.


SO, you will need…

A handful of rosemary

A generous grab of black pepper corns

A few cloves (not too many of these or you will make it too festive)

Coriander seeds, a good sprinkle

Cinnamon sticks (on a big tray we use 2-3)

A good range of citrus – try and make it more grapefruit than orange, a mix of both pink and white is good and orange and a lemon or two is also good.

Cut the citrus up in equal measure and lay on a large baking tray and cover them equally with the herbs above. Pop into an oven and roast slowly until blackened. The blackening of the citrus causes caramelisation.. Once blackened take out of the oven and pour into an equal parts sugar syrup that you have prepared. (1:1 sugar to water)

Make sure the fruit isn’t exposed to the air (one solution is to cover the top with cling film and then put a plate on the top) and refrigerate for up to a month. The longer you refrigerate the less fruity it is and the more savoury and herby it becomes.

Add a good drizzle to soda and a generous slice of orange and drink!