This year we are joining forces with Climpson's Arch to share training and fundraising for our favourite charity Shelter.

As we did last year, we ask that all signer-uppers will be able to run 5km before the training sessions so that we are all at a similar starting level.

Our trainer Alison Harrow has been training runners for many years through her company Tigger London. She is doing a special deal of 6.50 per training session - 9:30 on both Wednesdays (LARDO) or Saturdays (Climpson's Arch)

Alison designs sessions to suit a range of fitness levels, so will suit you if you have a target finish time of between 1 hour 45 mins and 2 hours 30 minutes

By running with us you will receive a t-shirt, coffee post run, loads of support and encouragement in the form of training and also the camaraderie of running with a team! 

All runners need to register independently with Virgin at their website here >> (get in quick as it goes up in price at the 1st March) and you can join our Climpsons/LARDO fundraising page here >>

Or if you want to fundraise yourself you can pay a discounted fee when you register with Shelter directly here >>

Completing this form means you have access to group training sessions, plus a whole host of other team benefits! 

We look forward to running with you, however you choose to do it.

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Which date do you wish to start with us?