Being able to cook LARDO's food, outside of the restaurant walls has been one of our goals since we opened
and now we are fully able to cater for any event, large or small.

Our food can be now served for your event - weddings, birthdays, launches, dinners - corporate or personal,
we can do it all!


Have you ever wanted to have a dinner party catered for? A cocktail party that you don't have to worry about making the drinks? We offer a bunch of different options that allow you to have your event catered for at home so you can concentrate on enjoying your time with your friends.  We offer different levels of service from a drop-off service which you just heat and serve to including staff to do all the preparation and cleaning up. 

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LARDO provides a great drop off service for photo shoots and office/corporate catering. If you are wanting something delivered that is fresh, delicious and easy to eat this menu would work perfectly. We also offer staff if you prefer to have someone on hand to assist.

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